Vicky Townshend, Brighton Sussex

After a few weeks of applying Sharon ’s methods, Henry and I are much more relaxed with each other and he has calmed down considerably. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon Bolt to anyone struggling with a canine calamity. Money very well spent.

Rose Pattenden, Crawley Sussex

I just had to write to say thank you. Since your visit I have got my lovely dog, Bonnie, and my life back! Peace reigns! Your technique works like magic, it is a miracle! (and worth every penny!) I couldn’t be more pleased.

Vicki Janes, Crawley Sussex

I participated in a radio show where they were looking for someone with unruly dogs(me) to see if the training would work. I was skeptical but was prepared to try anything. After Sharon taught us what to do we have changed dogs, they are much calmer and relaxed and we are in charge not them! They were extremely good with the fireworks this year much to my amazement and they spent 3 weeks on holiday with my mum, who followed the method and couldn’t believe the change. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Keith and Lisa Halstead, Epsom Surrey

Having no previous experience of owning and training a dog, we could have spent months studying books on dog behaviour. What we did do was the best investment and had a consultation with Sharon Bolt. When we had finished our session, it was as though we had read several books in one sitting. Sharon taught us that the key to understanding a dog was to forget about trying to fit our human psychology to our dog and taught us how to understand our dog’s way of thinking instead. It was fascinating we felt we were experts after just one session. Headley has grown into a delightful, lovely-natured and fun-loving teenager. For anyone who invests in a dog, a session with Sharon is the next best investment you can make.

Angela Newman, Lewes

Thank for all your help with Benji, we are getting on so much better now, he is a different dog, thanks to you. I will always recommend you to any of my friends that have a doggy problem. He sleeps every night in his cosy bed now and readily eats his dog food, I no longer have the stress of getting him to eat or sleep. Benji rarely barks at cars now which is a big improvement and doesn’t get overly excited when the door- bell rings. Benji no longer craves constant attention and is all together a much happier, calm and contented little dog. Overall I am very pleased with his progress and I am still practicing my alpha role in the house. Many thanks.

Jill & Leigh, London

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for training us and Nelly & Doris. We can’t believe the changes! Doris has gone from a hyper, barking, dog hating puppy, following me around everywhere, to a calm, dog liking puppy! Nelly has gone from a timid, nervous dog scared of paper (!) to be much more relaxed and friendly.

We are thrilled at the outcome and great approach you’ve had towards us and our dogs and would advise any one to do this training. Thanks again.

Beverly Wharton, Essex

Sharon is certainly our leader!

Having spent time with Sharon and my Westie, Woody, both my family and I have learnt also to be pack leaders.

Woody, whilst a completely lovable and very cute West Highland Terrier was also very confused and protective over his home and his family. He was also quite quick to react to situations and was always very “busy”.

Through Sharon’s teachings and wonderful calm demeanor we’ve learnt that we just need to take the stress and responsibility out of Woody’s life so he doesn’t have to worry about taking control and being in charge but be secure in the knowledge that we will do it as his human carers and all he’s got to do is relax!

Simple changes to our behaviour have had dramatic affects on his. We’re still learning and we make mistakes by not always being consistent but its an education process for us too. Woody and all the family are benefiting in such a positive way.

Sharon’s approach to becoming a pack leader is straightforward and simple to understand; it just takes commitment and a will to want to change. Some of the techniques I am even using with horses and children!!!

Exceptionally worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable too!

Melissa Walters, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Dear Sharon,

I just wanted to thank you for the miracle that you have performed with my two dogs. I now have two dogs that I love and enjoy. In February, I thought that I would have to get rid of one of them and, at times, would have been glad to see the back of both of them. Your advice has stopped the vicious fights that were becoming ever-more frequent and dangerous.

What I really admired was the way that you were prepared to get down on the floor and tackle Bertie when he was snarling, ready to bite and potentially very dangerous. It was also the fact that you didn’t come and tell me a set of rules: you adapted your advice to suit my individual dogs and their behaviour. You really thought on your feet and reacted to the problems that they presented.

I took Edie to the vets this week and he asked me about how the dogs were getting on, knowing that I had had problems. I told him about you and he asked me if I’d recommend you. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

If I think about all the money that I have spent in buying two pedigree puppies, their beds, toys, injections, crates, training, insurance etc, the cost of your services seems very good value indeed. Thank you for everything.

Nikki Relffe-Arnold, Copthorne, Sussex

Hi Sharon

Well! – I have two completely different dogs, we have gone from very serious fighting to two very balanced, obedient, and calm dogs! Your methods were incredibly simple to follow and slotted perfectly into our daily routine, but what a difference! As I am writing this I am watching the same two dogs who were previously fighting and drawing blood, rolling around on the floor playing together!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that I contacted you and how much fun I am now having with the two of them. I would (and have!) recommend you to anyone who needs help with becoming leader of their pack! Thanks again.

Elaine Rosier, West Sussex

Hi Sharon, I want to let you know how thrilled I am that I came across your website, because I have learned so much and it’s all so simple and practical and makes such sense. My husband and I have always rescued German Shepherds, which is rewarding within itself, but it has at times been difficult when trying to overcome some of the dogs behaviour issues (if only I had known about you then)!

When sadly our last dog passed to the big garden in the sky, we decided this time to have a puppy that would come with no learned behaviour issues, so whilst looking for the right breeder I came across your fabulous website, so having read various articles I then purchased your e book and video on puppies and that was it I ( and of course hubby) have never looked back. We have, thanks to you an amazing well behaved, well balanced GSD who is a pleasure to walk, is well socialised and house trained and it’s all thanks to you.

I’ve joined your Good Dogs! Membership Site which not only has all the practical advice, but there are also the videos as well. Plus the forums where like minded people can share their doggy moments and you yourself are on the forum answering questions which is an enormous bonus. You understand both dogs and their owners and your practical advice works every time, you are a caring, gentle person who wants to share with others the enormous joy that is to be had when owner and dog have a balanced relationship, and it is joyful thanks to you . Bless You and Thank you Sharon.

Annette Aspen, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I’d like to say how proud I am of my dogs! I now realise what the strains and stresses of being the Alpha of the pack had been putting on them. By listening to proven techniques and a whole load of common sense, my family has been able to make small behavioural adjustments and achieved big results. All the changes WE have made and our dogs have followed. Much to my delight my position in the household has changed and I am now, for the first time, above the dogs. It is as if you, Sharon, has finally given me permission to become a leader. My dogs are happy in knowing that all they’ll ever need will be given to them, along with lots of love. We expect nothing from our dogs but we receive unconditional love and loyalty in return. Thank you for opening our eyes Sharon and I’m sure the greatest thanks would come from Buzz and Pebble if only they could talk!

I mean every word Sharon, my gratitude is sincere. Thank you.

This is what people say after attending the 5 Day Advanced Course:

Robbie Clarke, Morcambe, Lancs

The course exceeded my expectations in every way. Sharon Bolt is an expert in her field and her knowledge, experience and kindness in sharing and educating on dog language is priceless. The 5 Day Advanced Course is a life changing, morale boosting experience that will make a difference.

Suzi Grant, Brighton, Sussex

I loved the course, every minute of it, I am so grateful to you for not only teaching me about dogs but also thinking out of the box and getting the marketing together! It was a unique course for me in that there was nothing you said that didn’t resonate completely and utterly with my own philosophy that will work for the rest of my life, let alone dog work!

Leigh Phippard, Okehampton, Devon

I feel the course has given me the confidence to start my own journey into the business of being a dog behaviour expert. The course was presented in an easy to comprehend manner and questions were well received and answered. Truly a life changing experience.

Paul Dunmore, Hockley, Essex

The course met all my expectations and more. Sharon’s explanations were very clear and to the point. I would recommend this course to anybody who is interested in starting their own business or just wants to know more about their dog’s behaviour and how to communicate to their dog in a way they understand.

Eleanor Lewis, Launceston, Cornwall

I feel empowered to go and make a really positive difference to my dogs’ lives. I’m now confident in my ability to understand all that my dogs need to make their lives as balanced, happy and relaxed as they deserve.

The course is the best I have ever attended. Not only is the food, venue and host fantastic, Sharon is a brilliant teacher who certainly knows her stuff and keeps the five days upbeat and lively and whilst you’re enjoying your time you learn so much.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has a passion to make their dogs’ lives bliss and/or would like to work with dogs. Your dogs will think it’s the best money you have ever spent!

Melissa Hartnack, Cambridge

Thank you so much for inviting me on the Advance Course. I now fully understand what my dog is telling me and I have learnt so many ways to improve my leadership with my dog. I feel very confident with the knowledge I have received during these 5 days that I can hold my own consultations. The venue was so lovely and the food was fantastic!

I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone who would like to know more about pack mentality and leadership and/or who would like to become a dog behaviourist.

Tracy Williamson, Cowbridge,Wales

I have gained knowledge and experience which I will be able to use both in my personal and professional life.

The course is presented by Sharon in a professional and friendly manner and she is very generous with all her knowledge in preparing her students to open their own businesses. The venue is excellent too, very homely, friendly people.

I would definitely recommend this course.

Mark Billingham, Horsham, West Sussex

The advanced course has been fantastic. Sharon is an excellent teacher who clearly and steadily imparts knowledge and builds confidence culminating in practical hands-on training. All of this is delivered in a beautiful, calm environment with outstanding home cooked food. In a nutshell – A superb and very empowering course – thoroughly recommended.

Andrea Thomson, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

I now have a sound knowledge base that I feel confident to work with. The course was presented in a very clear and interesting manner. It included a variety of components which came together strongly to present the ‘whole picture.’ Mock consultations, demo consultations and hands on sessions all orchestrated by Sharon have instilled a great deal of confidence. Empowerment is the name of the game.

Maivor De Young, Horsham, Sussex

Five amazing days, the days went too quickly! The presentation was top class – well constructed with plenty of excellent handouts. The venue couldn’t be in a better place, the food was superb and cooked by lovely Hazel.

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody. Thank you Sharon for letting me come on this course, I’ve learned so much and I feel very privileged to have been included. Sharon is the best!

Lynda Hesketh-Butler, Andover, Hampshire

This 5 Day Advanced Course was fantastic, from the course material on all days to the venue and wonderful food and the truly wonderful people that I have met.

The pace and content was perfect. I have learnt so much and my confidence soared in the last 2 days with the hands on experiences of doing consultations and working with real people and real dogs!

I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone. Thank you Sharon for this unique opportunity.

Lynne Roberts, Crawley, Sussex

This has been a life changing course both personally and learning about dogs. The venue was perfect, Hazel really looked after us and the food was fantastic. Sharon has inspired all of us to go out and start making a difference.

James Cranstoun, Wisbech, Norfolk

The Good Dogs! Advanced Course was fantastic, a real eye-opening insight into the world of dogs and their behaviours. It has been an empowering 5 days with a great trainer, wonderful venue with fantastic food and hospitality.

It really has been a life changing experience for me which I would like to thank Sharon and Hazel for and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in studying dog behaviours and dog psychology. 5 stars!

Heidrun Villa, Iceland

This course has been amazing, I’ve learned so much in these 5 days and I’m so looking forward to continuing my passion, now with more knowledge, understanding and confidence. The course, the venue, the food and the people were all perfect and I am forever thankful.

This is feedback from people who’ve attended the ‘Dog Training for Humans’ One Day Workshop

Keri Allen Worthing, Sussex

Attending Sharon’s one-day induction “Good Dogs” workshop is the best treat I ever gave my dog. I found the content interesting and enjoyable as well as being so practical. I came away with tools to use at home and outside. Overnight our dog became calmer. We instantly changed his feeding routine as Sharon explained this was key, as well as other areas and he is more relaxed and listens more to us. An added bonus is we are calmer too and we are no longer hysterical when someone comes to the door. I feel all three of us enjoy our new roles having been given the freedom to relax and we are all happier now the humans are the boss. It is not difficult to implement Sharon’s programme as it makes perfect sense when explained and its kind and understanding towards your dog, it is actually very simple to put in place with instant results. I have signed up for the five day advanced course and I can’t wait!

Andrew, Romford, Essex

I would just like to say Sharon that the money i spent on the one day course was the best money I have ever spent. From the moment I came home from the course that evening my posture and attitude to my dogs was different and the pair of them immediately acted as if a weight had been lifted from their shoulders of trying to look after me ! People have come up to me in the street and local parks and commented how well behaved and relaxed my dogs are, all I do is tell them that the solution is so easy to discover that even I, who has spent years despairing of ever having dogs under my control, have managed to absorb, and more importantly understand the entire ” dog language ” that is so easy to pick up . So a whole hearted thank you.

Helen Turner, Teddington, Middlesex

I very much enjoyed the day, there was lots of sound advice which made me feel confident to tackle leadership positively – I now feel equipped to do so.

Claire Amos, Andover, Hampshire

I found the one day course very informative and I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice. Sharon has an enormous amount of knowledge and insight.

Gary Holloway, Hertford, Hertfordshire

The whole day was the most pleasurable experience from start to finish. The whole experience was just perfect and I couldn’t have wished to meet nicer people than you and Hazel. Your enthusiasm for what you teach is infectious and I can’t wait to come again on the advanced course. You have certainly encouraged me to go forward with this and I’m hungry to learn more.

Thank you so much for everything.

Sally Mountford, Haywards Heath, Sussex

I just wanted to say what a great day it was on Saturday.

Before the course I had no idea of how to get Pebbles to behave. I finished the course full of optimism. Since getting home and doing what we have discussed Pebbles has been a different dog. I really can’t believe it, so thank you so much.

Gordon Astley – Presenter of Mid Morning Music and Chat, Sunday to Friday on BBC Southern Counties Radio – wrote:

I always look forward to having Sharon on my show. To be honest she makes my job so easy. As soon as we announce she is on the programme, the switchboard does it’s impression of Blackpool Illuminations. She is a natural communicator and our listeners trust in her expertise.