Welcome to our ‘Get your dog questions answered quick’ programme. 

During the programme you’ll get… 

  • Expert advice regarding your specific questions and concerns with your dog, whether it is unwanted behaviour, dietary advice or natural health tips.
  • The knowledge and confidence you need to make a positive difference with your dog when unwanted situations arise with kind, gentle and easy methods. 
  • Information regarding the areas your dog looks for leadership and HOW you can become the Pack Leader without shouting, hitting or using force – this information is vital in order for you to get quick and lasting results. 
  • The information you need in order to be the very best for your dog, by the end of the programme you’ll understand their language, discover what they are saying to you (they are communicating to you all the time!) and know how they see the world. 
  • Receive the answers to your questions in the convenience and comfort of your own home or work, no need for you to travel anywhere or to pay for a consultant’s travel costs and consultation fee. 
  • Reassurance where you are already doing things right and suggestions where some ‘fine tuning’ may be beneficial. 

What the programme includes: 

  • Sharon Bolt’s (founder of Good Dogs!) ‘Leadership first, then affection’ E-Book so you start getting the invaluable information straight away.

Click Here To Read And Download The Book. 

You also get: 

  •  7 on-line videos which explain the main areas your dog looks for leadership and how you can meet these expectations in a kind and gentle way. They explain how to to change unwanted behaviours such as: 

–  Pulling on the lead.

–  How to get dogs to come back when called off the lead.

–  Persistent barking – both at the front door and in the back garden.

–  Dog Aggression.

–  Separation anxiety.

–  Jumping Up.

–  How to best work with ‘nervous’ dogs.

–  How to communicate to your dog that they are not the boss in a kind, gentle and effective way. 

  • The video’s also include how to read what your dog is saying to you, what they are communicating through body language and how they calm themselves, you and other dogs down! 
  • You also get written transcripts of all 7 videos – everything Sharon says during the videos is written down for you. 

Click Here To Watch The Videos And Read The Transcripts. 

  •  A personal 30 minute telephone consultation with Sharon Bolt (founder of Good Dogs!) where she will answer any questions.

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