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I’ve produced 4 DVD’s, one of which is called ‘Puppy Training Made Easy’.

Would you like to know what to do when unwanted puppy behaviours arise?


Would you like to know what to do to STOP unwanted behaviours happening in the first place?

If so, this DVD will be invaluable to you.

During the DVD I give you step-by-step demonstrations that show you:

  • How to STOP first night problems.
  • The best and fastest way to house train your puppy.
  • How to STOP your puppy biting hands and toes.
  • How to get your puppy to chew what you want then to instead of your best furniture!
  • The best way to socialise your puppy so they will grow into a well balanced dog.
  • How to get your puppy to enjoy car journeys.
  • What to do NOW that will prevent separation anxiety.
  • How to STOP your puppy from stealing your washing and eating your plants.
  • The kindest way to crate train a puppy so they enjoy going in there.
  • What to do at feeding time for great results.
  • How to groom your puppy so it’s an enjoyable experience for both them and you!
  • Getting your puppy ready for the walk, lead training and recall.
  • How to prevent or stop your puppy from chasing  joggers and cyclists.
  • How to STOP your puppy from eating faeces!
  • And much more…

Running time is just over 1 hour.

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Here’s a quick preview of the DVD:

If you’d like to get it right from the start using quick, simple and effective methods then this DVD is a ‘must.’

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