How To Stop A Dog Pulling On The Lead

Before getting your dog did you dream of having long, pleasurable walks with them? For it to be an opportunity for you to keep fit and breathe in fresh air?

Does your dog pull you down the road with the walk being more stressful than pleasurable?

If you’d like some help with how to stop a dog pulling on the lead then give these easy methods a go 🙂

Should your dog try to pull in front of you, give a quick firm jerk of the lead towards you, rather than upwards, this must not hurt them but gain their attention. You may want to add a firm word such as ‘Hey’ or ‘No’ to further get their attention.

Once you have done this correction and got your dog’s interest, relax your arm and shoulders, ensure you have no tension as what you feel transmits down the lead like an electric current! Walk forward, your head held high, chest forward and relax. Resist looking down at your dog anticipating that they will pull. Stop to gain your composure when needed and remember to breathe!

You can also stop and change direction at any time, your thoughts are, ‘You are coming with me, on my terms.’ This is a good way to confuse a dog (in a good way) who believes they are making the decisions and help relinquish them of the top dog status, which has caused you both a great deal of stress in the past.

Imagine going on a walk with your dog walking calmly by your side, looking at you for guidance and direction. This is what you can look forward to so give it a go!

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