Dog Training Classes – We Come To Your Home With The Answers.

Are you a dog owner who… 

  • Loves your dog SO much and really tries hard to do the right thing for them but they are uncontrollable and do what they like? 
  • Is worried that your dog’s behaviour is getting worse and you don’t know what to do to stop it? 
  • Feels helpless about what to do when unwanted situations arise and wish your dog would take more notice of you? 
  • Is looking for dog training classes that are personalized, offers 1-2-1 training and gives great results?
  • Worried that other people think you can’t control your dog and that you’re an irresponsible dog owner? 
  • Would like a natural method that has no hitting, forcing or shouting and is extremely effective and gets results fast? 

If you’ve said ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions then you’re not alone, we’ve heard these words lots of times from so many dog owners. So many people have shared with us that they are not enjoying their relationship with there dog, that they are often embarrassed by their dog’s behaviour and they need  the situation to change quickly. 

The good news is it’s not as difficult as it might seem to you right now to get things to change, dogs need simple, clear and concise communication it’s just about knowing what to do and how to do it. When you understand your dog’s language and how to meet their needs and expectations the changes are often amazing, quick and long lasting. 

At Good Dogs! we’ve created the ‘Be your dog’s best friend’ package in order to give you exactly what you need to get the results you’re looking for. 

From this package… 

  • You will get the knowledge, confidence and ability to be the very best for your dog and know exactly what to do when unwanted situations arise. 
  • You will learn the areas your dog looks for leadership and HOW you can become the Pack Leader without shouting, hitting or using force – this information is vital in order for you to get quick and lasting results. 
  • You will discover how to get your dog to take notice of you when you give them a command so that they look at you for direction knowing they can trust in you to take care of them. 
  • You will discover techniques that will make training easy and give you quick results. 

What you’ll get immediately when you sign up for the ‘Be your dog’s best friend’ package: 

  • Sharon’s ‘Leadership first, then affection’ E-Book – You get this as soon as you sign up for the package so you start getting the invaluable information you need to start making a difference straight away. 
  • 7 on-line videos where Sharon explains the main areas your dog looks for leadership and how you can meet these expectations in a kind and gentle way. She explains how to change unwanted behaviours such as: 
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Incessant barking
  • Dog aggression with people and other dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • And much more… 
  • The video’s also include how to read what your dog is saying to you (he’s talking to you all the time!), what he’s communicating through his body language and how he calms himself, you and other dogs down! 
  • You’ll also get written transcripts of all 7 videos – everything Sharon says during the videos is written down for you. 

So you can start making a difference straight away you’ll receive the essential information you need to establish leadership in a kind, gentle and natural way, as soon as you enroll in this package.  

What you also get… 

  • A personalized 1-2-1 hands on home consultation with Sharon Bolt (founder of Good Dogs!). Wherever you need help and support, whether that is inside your home or outside on the walk, Sharon will work closely with you and answer all your questions. She will share, demonstrate and teach you simple, quick and proven methods that will make a difference. 
  • 1 of Sharon’s popular DVD’s – there’s 4 for you to choose from! 
  • A personal telephone consultation with Sharon to answer any questions you have after putting the methods in place. 
  • A 2nd personalized 1-2-1 home consultation with Sharon. Wherever you need any further help and support, whether that is inside your home or outside on the walk, Sharon will give you easy, fast and natural methods that will give you lasting results. 
  • 3 months e-mail and/or telephone support – continue to get any questions answered by Sharon. 

At Good Dogs! we only like happy customers so we GUARANTEE when you receive Sharon’s ‘Leadership first, then affection’ E-Book and the on-line videos if within 3 days you decide this method is not for you just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. 

For more information and cost please call 0845 491 8724.

Here’s a few photos of Sharon and ‘her boys’



Get it right from the start Puppy Package:

Have you recently got, or are you about to get, a puppy? 

It’s such an exciting time, puppies are so adorable and bring great fun into the home. During this time it’s easy to overlook how critical this time is for your puppy’s development and what you do now will have a direct affect on what type of dog your puppy becomes. Your puppy is learning good and bad behaviours every day and it’s so important to give them the right communication and training now in order to prevent things going wrong down the line.

Sharon knows all about puppies – she got 2 male Parson Terrier litter mates when they were 8 weeks old. She was told by lots of dog trainers that it was the worst thing she could have done as they would be unruly and fight for the top dog position. She HAD to get it right from the start and fast if she was going to keep them both. That was over 9 years ago, today they are fun-loving, well-balanced and well-behaved terriers who are best friends 🙂

Here are some photos of ‘the boys’ when they were puppies and how they are today:

Basil and Jake on grassMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA









You can have the same success with your dog too. They need simple, clear and concise communication, it’s just about knowing what to do and how to do it. When you understand your dog’s language and learn how to meet their needs and expectations that’s when you get a happy, well-balanced and well-behaved dog. And from their perspective you become the owner that they would choose to have 🙂 

The ‘Get it right from the start Puppy Package’ will give you the knowledge, confidence and ‘know-how’ of what to do. 

What you get with this package: 

  • All that’s included in the ‘Be your dog’s best friend’ package (details above).


  • ‘That’s the Puppy for Me!’ E-Book
  • ‘Puppy Training Made Easy’ DVD 

This covers:

What to look for when choosing the right breeder, how to successfully introduce your puppy to an existing dog and  how to stop first night crying. It also includes effective ways to toilet train your puppy, how to stop biting and chewing and puppy socialization – how to do it the right way. Other areas covered are easy ways to crate train, how to get your puppy use to a lead and recall training, plus lots more…  


  • An additional telephone consultation (2 in total)
  • 2 additional personalized 1-2-1 hands on home consultations (4 in total) 

These additional consultations can be used for help, support and advice before your puppy arrives and/or showing you how to get your puppy to do the basic commands such as sit, stay and down etc. They are particularly valuable at the early stages when your puppy is chewing, biting and causing havoc in the house! 

At Good Dogs! we only like happy customers so we GUARANTEE when you receive Sharon’s 2 E-Books; ‘Leadership first, then affection’ and ‘That’s the Puppy for Me!’ plus the on-line videos, if within 3 days you decide this method is not for you just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. 

Get it right from the start and reap the benefits of having a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog. Give us a call now on 0845 491 8724 for more details. 

This is what people say……..

After a few weeks of applying Sharon’s methods, Henry and I are much more relaxed with each other and he has calmed down considerably. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon Bolt to anyone struggling with a canine calamity. Money very well spent.

Vicky Townshend….Brighton, Sussex

I just had to write to say thank you.  Since your visit I have got my lovely dog, Bonnie, and my life back!  Peace reigns!  Your technique works like magic, it is a miracle! (and worth every penny!).  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Rose Pattenden….Crawley Sussex 

Sharon is certainly our leader!

Having spent time with Sharon and my Westie, Woody, both my family and I have learnt to be pack leaders.

Woody, whilst a completely lovable and very cute West Highland Terrier was also very confused and protective over his home and his family.  He was also quite quick to react to situations and was always very “busy”.

Through Sharon’s teachings and wonderful calm demeanor we’ve learnt that we just need to take the stress and responsiblity out of Woody’s life so he doesn’t have to worry about taking control and being in charge but be secure in the knowledge that we will do it as his human carers and all he’s got to do is relax!

Simple changes to our behaviour have had dramatic affects on his.  We’re still learning and we make mistakes by not always being consistent but its an education process for us too.  Woody and all the family are benefiting in such a positive way.

Sharon’s approach to becoming a pack leader is straightforward and simple to understand; it just takes commitment and a will to want to change.  Some of the techniques I am even using with horses and children!!!

Exceptionally worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable too! 

Beverly Wharton – Essex

Having no previous experience of owning and training a dog, we could have spent months studying books on dog behaviour. What we did do was the best investment and had a consultation with Sharon Bolt. When we had finished our session, it was as though we had read several books in one sitting. Sharon taught us that the key to understanding a dog was to forget about trying to fit our human psychology to our dog and taught us how to understand our dog’s way of thinking instead. It was fascinating we felt we were experts after just one session. Headley has grown into a delightful, lovely-natured and fun-loving teenager. For anyone who invests in a dog, a session with Sharon is the next best investment you can make.

Keith and Lisa Halstead – Epsom Surrey

Thank for all your help with Benji, we are getting on so much better now, he is a different dog, thanks to you. I will always recommend you to any of my friends that have a doggy problem. He sleeps every night in his cosy bed now and readily eats his dog food, I no longer have the stress of getting him to eat or sleep. Benji rarely barks at cars now which is a big improvement and doesn’t get overly excited when the door- bell rings. Benji no longer craves constant attention and is all together a much happier, calm and contented little dog. Overall I am very pleased with his progress and I am still practicing my alpha role in the house. 

Many thanks.

Angela Newman – Lewes, Sussex

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for training us and Nelly & Doris. We can’t believe the changes! Doris has gone from a hyper, barking, dog hating puppy, following me around everywhere, to a calm, dog liking puppy! Nelly has gone from a timid, nervous dog scared of paper! to be much more relaxed and friendly.

We are thrilled at the outcome and great approach you’ve had towards us and our dogs and would advise any one to do this training.

Thanks again.

Jill & Leigh – London

Hi Sharon 

Well! – I have two completely different dogs, we have gone from very serious fighting to two very balanced, obedient, and calm dogs!  Your methods were incredibly simple to follow and slotted perfectly into our daily routine, but what a difference!   As I am writing this I am watching the same two dogs who were previously fighting and drawing blood, rolling around on the floor playing together! 

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that I contacted you and how much fun I am now having with the two of them. I would (and have!) recommend you to anyone who needs help with becoming leader of their pack! 

Thanks again 

Nikki Relffe-Arnold – Copthorne, Sussex  

For more information and cost please call 0845 491 8724.