Dog Recall Training – How To Get Them To Come Back When Off The Lead (Part 2)

It’s such an AMAZING feeling watching your dog run freely off the lead, well, at least it is unless you are dreading that they will come back when you call!

Hopefully you’ve already read my previous post called:

Dog Recall Training – How To Get Them To Come Back When Off The Lead.

If not do have a look at that as that’s part 1 and this is part 2…

To help the walk be a pleasurable experience for you here’s a video where I show you step-by-step of what to do in order to get your dog to listen and come back to you when off the lead:

The important things to remember are:

  • Your dog keeps their eye on you, rather than you on them. This means you walk ahead and look at them out the corner of your eye. Resist, if possible, the urge to keep calling them to you, just keep walking and they will come after you. Pack members keep an eye on the pack leader and the pack leader does not keep fussing after them.
  • Should your dog be ahead of you, turn and walk in the opposite direction, they will soon notice and come running after you. You are again giving the communication, “I am the leader making the decisions and you are the follower”.
  • A key point to remember is that dogs live in the now, so if they return on the fifth time that you call, they are good dogs. Why? Because they associate in the moment, which means you called them and they came. To punish them will be telling them off for returning. Dogs do not analyse or rationalise, they do not stand there and think ‘I was called 5 times, 4 of which I ignored, so that is why I’m being told off’ it sounds amusing just imagining they may do that!

I suggest calling them twice and then walking the other way. If your dog comes when they are ready and has ignored your come command, calmly put them back on the lead and walk changing directions for a while to reaffirm that you are the leader.

It is important to note that research has discovered that when dogs become focused on one sense, such as sight or smell, other senses shut down. This is why many dog owners say their dog goes deaf when they are interested in a smell or focused at someone or something, they really HAVE gone temporarily deaf!

Try this tip:

  • With all those lovely smells around for your dog, make yourself REALLY interesting by rewarding them with their favourite treats when they do come back when you call.

Remember if at any time whilst in the park or fields your dog starts to ignore your requests, put them on the lead and walk to heel for 10-15 minutes in the same way you would when walking them to the park. During this time, in order to communicate your message, allow no pulling or sniffing (unless on YOUR terms), which will further remind them that you are in charge. After your dog has responded positively you can let them off the lead again, however you rarely need to do this when you have convinced your dog that you are the one that’s in charge.

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