Why The Postman Makes Dog Barking 10 Times Worse!

Dog barking, growling and the baring of teeth are some of the threatening behaviours our postmen receive when they deliver our mail.

Does your dog go mad when the postman delivers your letters? Have you ever wondered why your dog is so determined to ‘see them off?!’

Here’s why… 

The postman comes to your house most days and puts mail through the letterbox, which for some dogs is seen as potential danger which they try to ‘attack’. The dog barks, growls and demonstrates threatening behaviour and the postman walks away. The dog is triumphant, their behaviour has been successful as the postman never enters the house but instead submits and walks away!

Dogs are not like us, they don’t rationalize, they believe their behaviour has kept potential danger away and they have protected the pack. In a dog’s mind, they have done their job extremely well and will certainly repeat that behaviour should the postman dare to return!

This also adds fuel to the fire…

Dog owners can become upset and frustrated with their dog’s reaction when the postman delivers, which further confirms to the dog that there is something to worry about, enhancing the dog’s ferocious determination to keep the postman away.

Food for thought…!

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