Dog Aggression – But Only When On The Lead. Ever Wondered Why?

Dog aggression is something we see and hear a lot about today. One of the common things dog owners say to me is,

“My dog becomes anxious and aggressive when on the lead, if we meet another dog, but is fine when off the lead.”

Ever Wondered why?

This is the reason…

When dogs are in a situation they are not sure about their first choice of avoidance is to run, if that is not possible their next option is to freeze or growl and the last response is to attack. Most dogs use these options in that order which is why so many dogs are much better with other dogs off the lead as their first option to run is available to them.

Dogs will avoid confrontation unless they are either a dominant dog who means business! Or have learnt to attack before being attacked due to association. It is always important to remember that whilst dogs do not live in the past, they can associate with previous experiences.

You’ll be able to tell other dog owners who have this problem now – I hope they’ll be suitably impressed! 🙂

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