How To Stop A Dog Pulling On The Lead

Before getting your dog did you dream of having long, pleasurable walks with them? For it to be an opportunity for you to keep fit and breathe in fresh air?

Does your dog pull you down the road and the walk has become more stressful than pleasurable?

If you’d like some help with how to stop a dog pulling on the lead then give these easy methods a go 🙂


Dog Aggression – But Only When On The Lead. Ever Wondered Why?

Dog aggression is something we see and hear a lot about today. One of the common things dog owners say to me is,

“My dog becomes anxious and aggressive when on the lead, if we meet another dog, but is fine when off the lead.”

Ever Wondered why?

This is the reason…


Why The Postman Makes Dog Barking 10 Times Worse!

Dog barking, growling and the baring of teeth are some of the threatening behaviours our postmen receive when they deliver our mail.

Does your dog go mad when the postman delivers your letters? Have you ever wondered why your dog is so determined to ‘see them off?!’

Here’s why…