Here are the ‘Business Bootcamp’ Webinar recordings 🙂

Webinar 1 – 12th July 2013

‘How to Attract Your Target Market and How to Sell with Integrity.’

This follows on nicely from what we covered during the business section on the 5 Day Advanced Course.

During the Webinar you will learn…

  •  How to avoid the common mistakes that most people make when marketing to their target market.
  •  How to ‘tune in’ EXACTLY to your target markets pain.
  •  How to write a clear marketing message.
  • 7 invaluable ways that will tell you PRECIOUSLY what your target markets pain is.
  •  Why benefit statements are ESSENTIAL to your marketing and HOW to write them.
  • Why selling gets a bad name and how to do this AUTHENTICALLY.
  • The 7 steps to closing a sale with INTEGRITY.
  • The CRUCIAL steps to take once someone has said ‘yes’ to working with you on the phone.
  • Why tracking and testing is a VITAL part of your business and how to do it right.
  • And much more…

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